We Love First Grade!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Baking Day and Auction Projects

We are working hard at getting our classroom auction projects ready for the school auction. We cannot wait to share with the community the projects we've designed and created for your enjoyment...and ours too!

First and second grade also spent the afternoon baking. Second grade read the story, Thunder Cake by Patricia Polacco. Students learned about sequencing of events and learned the importance of order when baking. The little girl made Thunder Cake with her grandmother to distract her from the storm. On Friday, we made Thunder Cake Cupcakes using the recipe from our textbook. They were very interesting chocolate cupcakes....the secret ingredient is tomatoes. We had a blast making them.

Thank you Mrs. Price, Miss Christina, Mrs. D'Andrea, and Mrs. Magnuson for volunteering to help with baking and our auction projects. Thank you to Mr. Smythe for helping build the second grade project for us to paint.

Enjoying our Thunder Cake Cupcakes

Finished product with the recipe from Patricia Polacco
Listening to Mrs. Price explaining the process of the baking

Friday, March 4, 2016

March Newsletter


"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity."

Dear 1st and 2nd Grade families,

Wow! March is already here. Time sure is flying by when you are having fun. I cannot believe that we have already been in school for 120 days. I cannot even begin to explain how many new and exciting things your children have learned so far and it is just the beginning. They have such curious minds which makes my job so much fun!

As I approach the last two weeks of being your child's teacher before I leave for maternity leave, I'd like to just say thank you for sharing your child with me. I love teaching and they are the reason I come to school every day with a smile on my face. I sure will miss them while I am gone and I look forward to coming back to visit with baby Hudson when he arrives. I'd like to welcome Mrs. Carolyn Reynoso to our team as the long-term substitute who will fulfill my position until the end of the school year. She is very excited to take over and has already started transitioning into the position.

I wish everyone a happy Easter and a good rest of the school year. If you have any questions or would like to meet baby Hudson after he arrives, you can get my contact information in the office. I'd love to have visitors and for Hudson to meet our Visitation Community!

That is all the news I have for today. I will be uploading Mrs. Reynoso's monthly newsletters to the blog and any posts she wants me to share. I will also make a few posts of baby Hudson once he arrives. Stay tuned! His due date is April 6th but is already measuring two weeks early. We will see if he decides to make an early appearance. Have a blessed rest of the school year. 

Mrs. Muller and Baby Hudson

Friday, February 12, 2016

Valentine's Day!

I love everything about February! Lots of pink, red, purple, hearts, candy, and a learning atmosphere filled with LOVE! This month we wrote about something we are in love with. Many students chose video games, friends, toys, etc! Students requirements were to pick one thing they love and write why they love it. They needed a beginning, middle, and ending to their writing. The middle of their love paper needed to include three details why they are in love with it. These turned out so fun!

Our Valentine's Day art was one of my favorites! Students did a step by step drawing of a head. For our hair, we went outside and used water colors. We used a technique of air to blow our hair wildly in the air. Then the next day students added hearts to their hair. These turned out so cute and are displayed in our hallway.

On Thursday, we celebrated our Valentine's Day with passing out our sweet valentines to our classmates and we enjoyed a yummy treat from Mrs. Muller. It's my signature strawberry ice cream float with licorice straws. I even made the kiddos heart shaped crayons from all our old classroom crayons. This is always a kiddo favorite. Thank you everyone for all the sweet valentines!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Learning about our insects!

 Each week students take their meal worm pets out to play. We observe their behaviors and changes in structures. It has been exciting to watch them change through the different stages of their life cycle. First and second grade especially likes to take them out and hold them.

So far, we've seen our meal worms shed their skin multiple times and a few have changed into a pupa. We are awaiting the final stage, the beetle! We cannot wait to see this transformation!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

February Newsletter


It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always preserves, 
1 Corinthians 13:4 3

Dear 1st and 2nd Grade families,

We have entered the month of LOVE. This month we will continue to strengthen our love of our friends, school, community, and love for God.

Below is the different topics we will be covering for the month of February! 

Coming soon!

  • Non-fiction writing in our science journals this month
  • Second grade will write a book report
  • 1/2 will write about President Lincoln and Washington 
  • Daily grammar - spelling, upper case letters at the beginning of sentences, end punctuation, possessive nouns (singular and plural), plural words, and, contractions.

Math: First and second grade will both be finishing module five of our math curriculum. First grade will be tested on addition/subtraction and geometric attributes of shapes. Second grade will be assessed on place value (understanding four digit numbers, comparing numbers, and ordering numbers) and identifying polygons and quadrilaterals. 

Our next units will focus on: 
  • First Grade: In this module students will analyze and describe repeating, growing, and shrinking patterns using a variety of attributes. Students will use what they already know about place value to represent two digit numbers. We will also work on our counting skills (forward, backward, and skip counting).
  • Second Grade: In this module students will continue to build the relationship between addition and subtraction. They will extend the make a ten strategy to add two digit numbers. We will also introduce measurement of centimeters and meters.
Science: We are still working on our insects unit. This unit will be taught over the course of 8 weeks. Students have already been introduced to meal worms and wax worms. We have had some fun progress with our meal worms. About 1/3 of our class already has the third stage of a beetle, a pupa. It was very exciting for everyone to see this stage of life for the beetle. They were amazed when they found the skin shed of the meal worm and a new form of its life cycle. I am hoping a few start changing into a beetle next week. We will continue to learn about more insects as the unit goes on and introduce new class pets to everyone.

Social Studies:
This month we will focus on Presidents and Black History Month.
First grade is currently learning about the Holy Spirit. This month our class is also in charge of the mass readings. The last month that we were in charge of mass readings, I had first grade do the majority of the readings. This month, I am having second grade do the majority of the readings. We had our first week of readings already and all the readers did a fantastic job. I am looking forward to giving each student in second grade a chance to do a reading. I am so proud of their confidence to get up in front of our parish and read to everyone. Keep up the good work, second grade!

Second grade religion is taught by Mr. Jay. Please check with Mr. Jay to see what amazing things second grade is learning about.

That is all the news I have for today. Continue to check out the blog posts for any updates about things happening in First and Second Grade!

Mrs. Muller

Friday, February 5, 2016

Catholic Schools Week

What a wonderful week! We celebrated Catholic Schools Week with many fun events and activities. We began the week with celebrating our school by having students speak on behalf of Visitation Catholic STEM Academy at their local parish.

On Monday, students participated in a scavenger hunt around the school. As a class, they had to read clues to find a special part of a snack hidden in the school. Once we visited all the locations of the hidden snacks, students had a healthy fun snack. We took our snacks to the lunch room and played games together as a school.

On Tuesday, students had the opportunity to dress up as a famous person who embodies STEM and knowledge of service. We had some awesome dressed up students. They shared with their classes who they were dressed as and how they represent STEM and knowledge of service.

On Wednesday, we had special friends lunch day. This is always one of my favorite days because parents, grandparents, and special friends come to our school to share a special meal together. The students always love spending their lunch time with their families and they love when they join them on the playground.

On Thursday, we had cultural day. This was brought back from last year by popular demand. Visitation has so much diversity and it is neat for the students to be able to share their culture with others. Students from my class brought in a few of their favorite snacks and dishes from their culture to share with the rest of the class. We had so many amazing snacks and they ended up lasting us for days.

On Friday, we had an all school mass and honored the students for all their hard work at the end of the day with a "Minute to Win It" game. It was supposed to be staff vs. students but this year we let the kids play all the games. It was very tempting for me....I wanted to play the games so bad! The students had so much fun playing these games and the older students were very supportive to the little ones on helping them play the games.

During the week, we had an ongoing project as a school for our parents. They are the reason we go to Visitation and we wanted to thank them during Catholic Schools Week for all that they do to support our Catholic education. We made personalized letters to our parents. We thanked them for sending us to Visitation Catholic STEM Academy and shared some things we love about our school and education. As a fun art project, the whole school made decorative plates for our parents. We decorated the plates with sharpies and let them bake in the oven for 30 minutes to set the marker on them. They will make a lovely display of our Catholic faith in our homes. Thank you parents for all you do for your children!

What a great week!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Look who we found in our hallways....good thing too!

First and second grade learned how to write a friendly letter. Second grade already had some experience with this from last year but we reviewed the important parts of a letter and wrote a letter to a special friend. Students all took home an envelope and brought it back stamped and addressed to their special friend. Some students forgot stamps and we were able to go down to the office with .50 cents and buy stamps from Mrs. Margie Mykland. Thank you Mrs.  Mykland for sharing your stamps with us! When all our letters were finished we waited for the mailman to visit us. I asked Mrs. Mykland to catch him while he was on his route and send him up to us. She ran down the street after him and brought him back to our classroom...again thank you Mrs. Mykland. He was so generous and full of smiles for the students. We all lined up with our letters and each student handed him their letter. We are looking forward to our special friends writing us back. Parents, please encourage your family members to write your child back and mail it to the school. We used the schools address as a return address. I cannot wait to see some letters arrive to school for first and second grade.